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Food Supplement Manufacturing Company Vs Contract Manufacturing

I want to start a dietary/nutraceutical/food supplement business in Kolkata. I have a PhD in Botany.
I came across your blog and got interested in the contract manufacturing idea.
I have some queries which are as follows:
1) Suppose I have an idea for addressing a particular health issue with a set of ayurvedic/herbal extract/food components (in a particular ratio), but I dont have the capital to manufacture it, will contract manufacturing be affordable for me?
2) What is minimum investment required for manufacturing and packaging my idea ? Is it feasible for starters with low capital?
3) Can it be done in small scale with low investment and based on its response and units sold in the market, it can then be scaled up? If Yes, how much? If No, should I start it myself?
4) If I give my product to be manufactured by contract manufacturers, will all safety testing and feasibility of the idea be clinically tested by them?
5) What is the profitability of following this for starter…